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Friday, October 20, 2006

Fil Mogamma

I went to the Mogamma this morning. By the Mogamma, I mean the big scary-yet-beautiful Egyptian bureaucracy building where one must venture to get a visa, driver’s license, monkey permit, etc. I have been trying to pick up my visa for several weeks now with limited success. Today was no different, but several amusing things happened which made the day not an entire waste of time.

For one, I had a date. Whenever you need go to a sovietesque-scary place, it is best to bring along someone cute. Waiting in line is more fun that way.

After a couple of hours I was standing along with several other lost and desperate souls, waiting for someone to dig up my passport from under a stack of Applications for Extension of Temporary Residence when the women behind the desk held one up and said “Where is the Israeli who belongs to this passport?” This took me a bit by surprise but I recovered to look around for the brave Israeli who was going to claim his passport deep in the left ventricle of the Arab Republic Of Egypt.

All I saw was a little woman wearing a headscarf standing next to me and attempting to pipe up “me, that’s mine”. Unfortunately for her she was very quiet and polite, which is no way to get things done at the Mugamma. So I, being a strong brave man, and wanting to impress my date, hollered out “Yes, the Israeli is right here!” I said this very loud, all the time pointing emphatically at the nice little Palestinian lady standing next to me. I did not want to cause any unnecessary confusion. In the end, she got her passport. I did not receive mine, but I plan to return next Saturday. I am hoping that someone will show up with a old passport from the Third Reich and I will be able to yell “Yes, the Nazi is right here!”


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