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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Izmir and I threw a Halloween party last night. He dressed up as Curious George. Izmir always has the best costumes. He can be King Kong, Curious George, or any number of other famous apes whose names elude me right now. It is a bit more difficult for me. One year he convinced me to be Jane Goodall, but I think he just wanted an excuse to throw poo at me.
It was a great party. I tried to dress as the Pink Panther, but people said I looked more like Bunnicula, the rabbit that sucks the juice out of vegetables.
There were a lot of cameras at the party. My room actually became basically a photo studio for the better part of an hour. I particularly enjoyed this shot, which features my roommate Adam dressed as a communist revolutionary and holding pirate Dina hostage.


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